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Trying to stay as discreet as possible!

Looking for a wedding videographer?

My philosophy on filmmaking is that essentially I am being trusted to tell the story of your wedding day as your wedding videographer. My priority is to make a beautiful film that will be entertaining, emotional and authentic. And not only for now, but in generations to come.

As well as creating a wedding video that you will cherish and be proud to watch many times with family and friends I can also create longer, more documentary style, edits of the ceremony and speeches in full.

Travelling to your wedding?

I love to travel, and my wife Julie and I have been lucky enough to explore all over the Island of Ireland from Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Galway, the midlands and pretty much everywhere in between. So no matter your wedding location please get in touch and I’d be delighted to check wedding availability and give you more details.

Here’s a little more information if you are looking for a wedding videographer in the Dublin area.

Clare Wedding VideoSligo Wedding VideoDonegal Wedding VideographerMonaghan Wedding VideographyDublin Wedding VideoFermanagh Wedding Videographer

Wedding Filming Style

My style of shooting is extremely minimal – I travel with one small shoulder bag. If it doesn’t fit in the bag it doesn’t go with me! There aren’t foot-long furry microphones, massive tripods or big bright hot lights. As your wedding videographer I will shoot compactly and discreetly and try blend into the background of your wedding day. My style translates easily from small elopements to civil ceremonies. I can also film discreetly at large Church weddings with ease.

How I work on your wedding day

On your wedding day I like to start with the bridal preparations a few hours before the wedding ceremony. This captures the nerves, the build-up and the excitement before the day comes to life and all becomes very real!

Then it is off to the ceremony location where I will film guests arriving. I try to focus on details and moments of emotion. The things that you might miss on the day are really important to me as your wedding videographer.

After the ceremony we make our way to the reception venue if it’s a different location. Again I look for the real moments of real people doing real things. Your guests mingling and capturing the atmosphere. I stay until the first dance kicks off and I stay as long as I need to make sure I have plenty of great action to get a real taste of the party!

bride groom greet wedding guests
Real and natural moments

Real people doing real things

My focus is just to observe and capture real people doing real things. I don’t stage your wedding day. It’s authentic and real. The best wedding films are when you, your partner, and family and friends are just going about their day without even knowing I’m there. You enjoy your day and I’ll do the rest!

Growing up beside the Atlantic Ocean I’m particularly drawn to the sea and love creating wedding videos in some of the most scenic locations along the Wild Atlantic Way from Slieve Liag in Donegal, to the Cliffs of Moher and Ennis in Co Clare,

Top Irish Wedding Receptions

Ireland is lucky to have some of the best quality of hotels and wedding venues anywhere. The hospitality is second to none and the food is always exceptional in Ireland’s top Hotels. I love filming in these veues and here’s a few beautiful wedding videos.

bride groom mountain lane lake hill path
Walking through the Bluestack Mountains

I love Co Sligo and this one from a beautiful castle was one film which worked out really well Markree Castle Wedding. Also I am lucky to have grown up around the lake from Lough Eske Castle. Harvey’s Point HotelHarvey’s Point Wedding Video is also only around the water from my original family home.

In Co Monaghan is the beautiful Hilton Park Hotel Weding Venue. It’s here I got to shoot the lovely day of Stephen and Kathryn. And of course not to pass up the midlands! I love to shoot around here and enjoyed Kinnity Castle and have filmed in Co Meath many times also. Here’s a wedding from Co Longford and onto the Slieve Russell in Co Cavan.

The wedding films you get

I will customise this for your wedding depending on what is important to you both. Typically I recommend the following 4 films.

A short preview video which is about 3 minutes long while I build your longer films.

You also get a long ceremony video and also a film of your entire speeches.

Then the most popular video is the wedding feature film. Running at around 25 minutes long this combines the best of your speeches, ceremony, vows and the little moments throughout the day.

I’d love to send you a sample of a recent wedding film so please get in touch and I’ll send you a relevant film.

Want to learn more?

Your only worry is to enjoy yourself and enjoy every moment and just soak in the atmosphere and experience.

I’d love it if you took a little time to browse my wedding videography blog – there’s lots of info there and some recent wedding films also. I love to take your feedback from the films you enjoyed the most to help create something that you will cherish.

As your wedding videographer I will do the rest to ensure your film is authentic and entertaining. If you have further questions please check out my Frequently Asked Wedding Videography Questions

But please don’t just take my word for it – please check out wedding videography reviews from some of my previous couples

Please get in touch to check availability and see if we are a great match for each other.