K&S // August 2019 // Letterbreen, Co Fermanagh & Hilton Park Estate, Co Monaghan

Such a cool wedding and celebration of love at one of Ireland’s Great Houses.

When I was asked to be Kathryn & Stephen’s wedding videographer I was so delighted as this was my first time to visit Hilton Park. A genuine heartfelt couple, amazing locations, lovely family and friends lends itself to a beautiful wedding experience.

Since this wedding in 2019 I’m delighted to have been back to Hilton Park on other occasions for some great celebrations. And I’m looking forward to repeat visits! Below I’ll share Bronagh and Ciaran’s stylish summer video.

Since 2019 this private country estate has been hard at work and have built on new facilities for weddings and the new marquee in the centre is ideal. There is plenty of room behind for the kitchens and the catering has always been fantastic on my visits.

I love if when couples take a little time to immerse themselves in the enchantment of this secluded country estate. The grounds are beautiful and you can enjoy a nice walk through the trees to the lakeside. Then wander back through the large meadow and then come back through the walled gardens and cute sheds. It’s beautiful to record these nice wanders around the estate and it’s a nice time for the happy couple to spend a bit of time together – with the bonus of getting great video and photography.

Remaining under the dedicated care of its original family for nearly three centuries since its inception, Hilton Park exudes an air of timeless grandeur. Inside the house has so much character and history. The paintings on the walls and the grand staircase just add to the character of this Co Monaghan estate.

In the realm of Hilton Park, the camera lens captures not only moments, but the very spirit of an era. And as you embark on your journey here, know that you are stepping into a world where celebrations, connection with nature, and the preservation of legacy intertwine in a seamless dance.

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