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Glenpark Estate Wedding

On a balmy summer day, the 28th of July 2023, this picturesque Glen bore witness to a union of hearts as Geraldine Callery and Tommy Maclaine exchanged vows in a Glenpark Estate wedding that echoed with romance and history. This event was a testament to love’s ability to bridge vast distances and connect souls from different corners of the world. Delighted to share the wedding video of this fantastic day here.

Glenpark Estate Wedding // A Tale of Love Across Continents

Geraldine and Tommy’s story is a cross-continental saga that began in the land Down Under. Though Geraldine hailed from Australia, her ancestry tied her to Irish roots through her father, Phil, who is from Cavan. Tommy, the groom, comes from the charming town of Antrim. United by fate, the couple felt an irresistible pull towards Ireland for their wedding day. It was a decision that brought them to the foot of the majestic Gortin Glens in Co. Tyrone, not far from Omagh, where the Glenpark Estate stands as a testament to beauty and history.

Stone courtyard and Round tower overlooking the Ghillies Island and the wedding reception at Glenpark Estate

Nestled within the former Ulster History Park, the Glenpark Estate boasts a captivating blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. Its grounds are a canvas painted with breathtaking vistas, a round tower, a stone circle, and an array of historic structures. However, it’s not just the past that breathes life into this location. The estate’s modern facets include a hotel with well-appointed rooms, a full-fledged bar, and a restaurant. The pièce de résistance, a dedicated wedding reception area on a private island, promises an experience unlike any other. The stone-walled courtyard proved ideal for the post-ceremony drinks reception, adding a touch of rustic elegance to the proceedings.

Geraldine and her bridesmaids enjoy a glass of champagne!

Geraldine’s journey to her wedding day was accompanied by the skilled hands of makeup artist Kerry Harvey and hairstylist Laura from LJO All Things Hair. The wedding dress, a masterpiece from Perfect Day Bridal, Sydney, was the creation of Catherine R Couture, Melbourne. The exquisite jewelery, including the engagement and wedding rings, were sourced from Rosendorff Diamonds in Perth. The bridal shoes, a pair of Georgies Bridal Shoes from West Leederville, Perth, added the finishing touch.

Geraldine’s bridal party, comprising Christiane Callery, Anne Ryan, Rhonda Bennett, Ella Callery, and Sasha Callery, contributed to the day’s radiance. Tommy’s support came from Jonny Martin, Rick Hill, Craig Allan, Kieran Callery, Ethan Callery, and Mason Bennett.

Celebrant PJ O’Neill in the stone courtyard tells the assembled wedding guests the story of the happy couple

As guests arrived, celebrant PJ O’Neill from Spiritual Ceremonies set the scene within the round tower’s walled courtyard. The soulful melodies of Marie Fox, accompanied by talented musicians, provided the perfect musical backdrop, blending Australian and Irish tunes to capture the essence of the occasion.

Taking a moment in Gortin Glens

The lens of photographer Sean Gallagher immortalised each moment, capturing not only the ceremony but also a scenic interlude in the awe-inspiring Gortin Glens. The wedding party’s transportation, provided by C4 Wedding Car Hire, added an elegant touch.

Glenpark Estate is full of little rooms and nooks and crannies to mix & mingle, or just sit and have a quiet moment!

Back at the Glenpark Estate, the courtyard came alive with the joyous mingling of guests during the drinks reception. The venue’s stone buildings and hidden nooks created an ambiance that was equal parts intimate and celebratory.

The reception marquee in Glenpark Estate on Gillies Island in a scene from the speeches wedding video

As the sun began its descent, guests made their way to Gillies Island, the heart of the estate, where the wedding marquee stood proudly. The speeches set the stage for a sumptuous wedding banquet, followed by an energetic soirée. The band, Cap on the Wall, infused the celebration with their lively ceili-style dance, inspiring everyone to join in the merriment.

To Geraldine and Tommy, whose journey united them across oceans and cultures, our warmest congratulations. Your choice to celebrate your love at the Glenpark Estate will forever resonate as a beautiful chapter in your enduring love story. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey as your wedding videographer and as witnesses to your love and joy.

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