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Beech Hill Wedding Video of Chloe and Dominick

Beech Hill Wedding Video // C&D

Welcome to Chloe and Dominick’s love story which was a pleasure to capture in this Beech Hill wedding video. Join us as we journey through the heartfelt moments, the joyful laughter, and the timeless memories that unfolded on their special day at the picturesque Beech Hill Country Estate.

On the morning of Thursday 13th July 2023 Chloe Boyle was getting ready at the family home. The setting was the picturesque landscape of Lettercaugh in Co. Donegal which provided an exquisite backdrop for her bridal preparations and was a lovely location to fly the drone and get some aerial shots. The air was filled with anticipation and joy as the morning preparations got underway. Kerri James and Kevina Boyle meticulously styled the hair & beauty of the bridal party. For Chloe’s own hair, her sister Courteney worked her magic, creating a stunning look for the bride. Amidst the excitement, Chloe took time to read heartfelt note from her groom, Dominick. 

bride and bridesmaids share champagne before going to beech hill for the wedding celebrations
Chloe and the girls have a glass of bubbly before getting ready to leave for Beech Hill in Co Derry

Chloe’s wedding gown from Pearls & Lace in Donegal Town exuded elegance, while her shoes from Lace & Favour, added the perfect finishing touch. Courteney Boyle was the maid of honour and Saffron Boyle graced the role of bridesmaid. As the morning unfolded, laughter, camaraderie, and a palpable sense of anticipation filled the air, setting the tone for the magical day that was about to unfold.

Meanwhile groom Dominick Gallagher was immersing himself in the preparations with a sense of elegance and sophistication. Clad in a dapper Magee of Donegal Suit, he readied himself at the family residence nestled in Farrigans, just a short drive from Lettermacaward. With a view overlooking the serene Gweebarra Bay, the family home provided a picturesque setting for the groom’s morning. He also received a touching not from bride Chloe and was holding back the tears!

groom Dominick addresses the crowd in beech hill in a still image from the wedding video
Groom Dominick addresses the guests at the reception in Beech Hill

Dominick’s parents, Isabella and Dom, shared in the anticipation of the morning’s events. Alongside him stood Best Man Michael Gallagher and Ronan O’Donnell & Mark Gallagher completed the ensemble of groomsmen, their camaraderie and support evident in the shared moments of preparation. As the clock ticked away, the time finally arrived for the entourage to make their way to Ardmore Parish Church in Co. Derry. With hearts full of excitement and nerves, they stepped into their waiting cars, ready to embark on a journey that would culminate in a union of hearts and a celebration of love.

ardmore parish church drone aerial image
Aerial View of Ardmore just outside the walls of Beech Hill

Under the gracious guidance of Fr. James McGrory, the sacred bond between Chloe Boyle and Dominick Gallagher was solemnised in a poignant nuptial mass within the hallowed walls of Ardmore. The atmosphere was imbued with reverence as the melodies of Grainne Gavigan’s captivating music enveloped the sanctuary, setting the stage for a truly unforgettable union. 

first kiss in ardmore for chloe and dominick
Sealed with a Kiss!

However, it was the entrance song that held the power to astonish and touch the hearts of all present. As Chloe, looking radiant, gracefully walked the aisle alongside her mother, a breathtaking surprise awaited. The dulcet tones that filled the air were none other than Chloe’s own, as she poured her heart into the song with a voice that echoed her love and passion. The impact was profound – tears flowed freely, and emotions surged as the bride’s beautiful rendition echoed through the speakers. Even the groom, Dominick, could not hold back his tears with this lovely surprise.

beech hill country house
Arriving after a short drive from Ardmore Parish Church to Beech Hill

With the nuptial ceremony concluded, the celebratory atmosphere shifted across the road to the idyllic Beech Hill Country Estate, where Chloe Boyle and Dominick Gallagher’s wedding reception awaited. The elegant surroundings provided a fitting backdrop for the ensuing festivities. After the heartfelt speeches that added a personal touch to the occasion, the formalities gave way to an evening of joy and merriment.

It was soon time to heed the irresistible call of the dance floor. The newlyweds and their loved ones took to the floor to the lively tunes of the Red Alert band. Feet tapped, hands clapped, and spirits soared as the melodies carried everyone away into a world of pure celebration. We popped outside briefly for a quick photo and Beech Hill Wedding video moment where sparklers were lit and the happy couple shared a lovely moment.

dancing to red alert
Red Alert get the party going in Beech Hill as the lively crowd take to the floor

A heartfelt gratitude goes out to Chloe Boyle and Dominick Gallagher for entrusting me with the honor of capturing the essence of their special day as their wedding videographer. It has been a privilege to document the love, emotions, and cherished moments that have woven together to create the beautiful tapestry of their union. May the memories captured on film continue to bring joy and warmth for years to come, reminding them of the love that surrounds them and the joyous celebration that marked the beginning of their journey together.

Chapel decor: I do wow weddings 

Reception Decor: Ultimate touches 

Photographer: Lauren Carroll

Wedding cake: @cakestudiosbymelrodriguez

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