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Rathmullan House wedding video of Maeve & Chris

Rathmullan House Wedding Video

On a picturesque Saturday, April 13, 2024, the early morning rain cleared into a beautiful spring day as Maeve Duffy and Christopher Johnston embarked on their journey as one at Rathmullan House, with a heartwarming ceremony at St. Columba’s Church in Massmount. These locations were so important to the happy couple as Maeve’s parents and grandparents were married in the same church and Rathmullan House was the scene of many joyous happy family occasions.

The day commenced with anticipation and joy, as Maeve prepared for her walk down the aisle. At Rathmullan House the morning preparations were going well in a lovely room overlooking the beautiful beach and across the Lough Swilly to Inishowen. The bridal team, Tara and Theresa, weaved magic with brushes and palettes, adorning Maeve with elegance that mirrored her inner radiance. Clad in a Suzanne Neville London dress, complemented by Charlotte Mills shoes and Alex Monroe earrings, Maeve was ready for the ceremony at Massmount.

Meanwhile, Christopher, also at Rathmullan house surrounded by his closest friends, indulged in a morning swim to kickstart the day. Once ready they made their way out and left the hotel for Massmount to greet the arriving guests many of whom had made long journies to the Fanad Peninsula in Co Donegal.

As the clock’s hands danced towards noon, a symphony of emotions converged at St. Columba’s Church. Father Michael Doherty presided over a ceremony adorned with love and tradition, while Kelli McGrory’s melodies adorned each moment with a touch of divine grace. Surrounded by their beloved families and cherished friends, Maeve and Christopher exchanged vows, sealing their bond amidst heartfelt readings and soul-stirring reflections. Maeve herself surpised everyone with a touching reading that attracted plenty of emotion and a few tears of joy.

Following the ceremony, amidst embraces and laughter, the couple, along with their entourage, embarked on the journey over the mountains back to Rathmullan House via the breathtaking Ballymastocker Beach where there was a brief stop for some amazing photos with what must be one of the nicest views in the country. Photographer for the day was Colin Ross and it was lovely to work with Colin for the first time and look forward to meeting again in the future.

At Rathmullan House, amidst the embrace of loved ones, the evening unfolded in a symphony of celebration. The Bentley Boys set the stage for revelry, serenading the couple and their guests with melodies that echoed the rhythm of their hearts. As speeches intertwined with laughter and tears, each word painted a portrait of love, gratitude, and cherished memories.

As the night danced away, beneath the star-studded canopy of Rathmullan House, Maeve and Christopher’s love story found its eternal sanctuary, immortalized in the frames of this Rathmullan House wedding video. In every frame, in every embrace, their journey resonated—a testament to love’s timeless allure.

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