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International Destination wedding video

There are many advantages to bringing a wedding filmmaker to the international destination you have carefully selected. I’m happy to film your Donegal wedding, or Dublin marriage or anywhere else! One of the things about wedding days, especially when planned from afar, is that sometimes things go wrong! Now many of these are little things that don’t matter but the film you have of your day is vitally important.

You want to hear the sounds again, see the sights, relive the vows, hear the music and capture the ambience of this once in a lifetime occasion with family and friends.

Having a trusted wedding filmmaker with you can be a wise decision in making sure that these memories are forever captured properly. You want someone who speaks your language, and whose style of wedding film reflects who you both are. Why try find the best in that location when the best filmmaker for you may be somewhere else!

Travelling for Elopments or Destination Weddings

Also theres a massive advantage in being a fresh face in a location – you can see things differently and bring a new outlook to the venue. Even more important as often the couple planning a destination wedding are looking at these locations from an enthusiastic viewpoint also.

You may find it easier to plan the wedding from home if you have a videographer coming from the same country – it’s easier to meet up, and easier to keep in contact and see their current work and styles.

Another advantage of bringing a destination videographer is that you have them exclusively often arriving 2 days before the ceremony and leaving in the next day or so. They are not leaving to be ready for another wedding the following day. You can capture more ambiance and scenery in the day before the wedding and get a higher quality film. Essentially it’s like having another friend at the wedding!

Minimal and Discreet

Being a destination wedding filmmaker you need to be able to shoot light with minimal but high quality kit. You are flexible and ready to react as the day unfolds. This has many advantages over someone bringing lots of gear because they can!

Now you may ask where do I come into this. Well, I love travelling, and sometimes seem to spend more time travelling than at home! But I love travel and weddings! And I hope that my wedding films can speak for themselves in capturing an authentic story of the weddings I’ve been privileged to capture.

Whether its an Irish wedding, anywhere nationwide or a European destination such as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, or wherever your heart is taking you, I’d love to document this amazing event for you. World Destination weddings are great. Wherever it’s taking place worldwide I’m happy to be there.

If you like what I do, and to see if I’m available for your wedding date – please get in touch to see if we are a good fit for each other. I’m happy to customise a special quote for your event.