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St Patrick’s Church Donegal Town // A&S

Here’s the Wedding Video Preview Film of Andrea & Shaun. They were married in St Patrick’s Church Donegal Town with reception at Harvey’s Point

Bride Andrea got ready in Harvey’s on the wedding morning. Andrea was looked after by Sarah, Laura and Jamie Lee the Bridesmaids.

Shaun meanwhile had Paul and Mark as Best man and Groomsman.

bride harveys dress wedding
Andrea getting ready in Harvey’s

St Patrick’s Church Donegal Town

They celebrated their wedding mass in St Patrick’s Church Donegal Town with a 1.30pm wedding ceremony. Fr Peoples was in charge of the lovely wedding mass and there was lots of little personlised touches. Right at the start there was a nervy little moment. Fr People couldn’t find the wedding registry! Luckily the crisis was averted quickly when it was spotted!

Ultimate touches did the Church decoration. The decor was stylish and very tastefully done. The many touches highlighted the chapel nicely.

The Church in Donegal is set up with a long central nave. The layout is in a sign of the cross with aisles at each side. Then through the middle there is also a left to right aisle intersecting the main nave running from the main door to the altar.

The altar is setup with an Ambo to the left of the Altar where the readings take place. The priest sits to the right of the Altar and also has a microphone there.

There is also a balcony overlooking from the rear. high above the crowd can be a great space for musicians. The key will need to be organised in advance as sometimes the balcony is locked. Failing access to the balcony though many musicians use the little alcove to the left of the Altar. Signing of the Registry is in the opposite alcove to the right of the Altar.

open topped bus st patricks church donegal town to harveys
Open topped bus from St Patrick’s Church to Harvey’s Point

Reception at Harvey’s Point

The really cool open topped Bus took all the revellers from the St Patricks Church Donegal Town to the reception venue.

Anna G photography was in charge of the photos and after a few quick stops to make some beautiful images it was back on the road!

Afterwards it was out to the beautiful lakeside Harvey’s Point for the reception.

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