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Galgorm wedding of Kelly and Hassan - drone frame of the resort and spa

Galgorm Resort & Spa Wedding Video of K&H

Step into a world of love and romance as we invite you to witness the breathtaking beauty of Kelly and Hassan’s unforgettable Galgorm Resort & Spa Wedding Video of K&H in Northern Ireland. From the serenity of the Phantom House ceremony to the grandeur of the Grand Hall reception, every moment captured in this wedding video is a testament to their timeless love story. Join us on this journey as we relive the magic of their Galgorm wedding, where every frame is infused with the joy, laughter, and heartfelt moments that made their day truly extraordinary.

Amidst the whispering trees and tranquil waters of the River Main, a love story unfolded at the Galgorm Spa and Resort. This was a story woven with threads of fate, tradition, and boundless devotion. Kelly and Hassan’s journey to their dream wedding day from Abu Dhabi to Northern Ireland was nothing short of magical, a testament to the power of love to transcend boundaries and unite hearts.

bride and dress in video with window light
Kelly gets ready in her cabin in the Galgorm before the Phantom House Ceremony

Their love story began in the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi, where fate intervened one fateful Formula 1 weekend. Kelly approached the DJ booth, not knowing that a simple request for a song would lead to a serendipitous encounter with Hassan, better known as the renowned DJ Jay Beatz. From that moment on, their love knew no bounds, spanning continents and cultures until it brought them back to the enchanting surroundings of Galgorm.

groom gets ready at the galgorm
Groom Hassan anticipates the big day ahead

The wedding day itself was a celebration of love, family, and faith, with every detail meticulously planned to reflect the couple’s journey and heritage. In the intimate setting of the Phantom House, Hassan’s brother, Abdi Osman, presided over a ceremony rich in tradition and significance. With readings from both the Bible and the Quran, two poignant poems, and heartfelt prayers, the ceremony was a beautiful fusion of cultures, honouring the spiritual journey of the couple and the love that brought them together.

phantom house at the galgorm for wedding ceremonies
First kiss for the married couple after the ceremony in the Phantom House

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the celebration continued in the Grand Hall, where friends and family gathered to witness the union of two souls destined to be together. Fairy Tale Weddings transformed the venue into a wonderland, while Gemma G Photography captured every moment with artistry and grace. Kara from the Beauty Boutique and Naomi O’Mullan ensured that Kelly looked radiant as she walked down the aisle, her beauty enhanced by their expert touch.

dancing in the grand hall
Line Dancing fun in the Grand Hall at the Galgorm for the reception of Kelly and Hassan

From the soul-stirring melodies of The Allstars to the captivating tunes of Jess Walker, every note that filled the air seemed to echo the rhythm of Kelly and Hassan’s hearts. And as the night unfolded, it became clear that theirs was a love story for the ages—a story of fate, tradition, and unwavering devotion recorded here in this Galgorm Resort & Spa Wedding video.

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