It’s important for me to make sure that my style of filmmaking is a great fit for you both. I love creating wedding video packages that suit your exact requirements. I’d love it if you could tell me a little bit about you both, and also your exciting wedding plans. Each year I only accept a very limited amount of wedding commissions. The more details you can share the more helps me become more invested in you both and your vision.

Please also watch some of my wedding films from all around Ireland to determine if I’m the videographer for you! There are so many varied styles of videography out there. There are a few items that I can recommend you watch out for in wedding videography to ensure you get the correct person for you.

I’m not saying that any of these are better than the other, but thinking of your own wedding day these are important considerations to pick the correct wedding videographer.

Footprint: Discreet or Visible

I’m discreet: I shoot as a single shooter, using small discreet handheld cameras, and approach your day with a light footprint. You won’t notice me there for the bulk of the day. I want to always position myself correctly to capture the real moments of the day. You may prefer a large team to film every single thing of the day and may like being directed all day long. I prefer staying in background though and recording the real day as I see it.

Style: Story led or a music video?

I’m story-led but there’s no correct answer here again as this is your taste. I love to include natural audio from the day and spoken words from the event. I take pride in my audio quality and story telling abilities. However, some videographers, and couples, prefer a more music video style where there is a music track dominating the soundscape. This is your preference – I love to weave a story from the sounds and visuals of your day to create my films rather than to rely primarily on a song for the emotions.


My experience dates back to 2003 when I began as a wedding photographer. After years watching the videographers I always had the feeling that it was something I wanted to try. So in 2015 I bought a small video camera and started filming and editing. I fell in love with videography and knew I wanted to do this even more than photography. And since 2017 I have been exclusively video only.

With video you can really capture a true and authentic experience. You can hear the voices, see the way people move and for me I love how immersive and real a good wedding film can be.

Cinematic or Traditional Wedding Video Packages?

My inspiration comes from the Cinema and strongly believe that to be ‘cinematic’ we must make each film feel movie-like. The rules of the cinema are timeless but they do slowly evolve. I hope by watching some of my videos you can feel the cinema in them. I use cinema lenses which also enhance the feeling. But I appreciate not everyone wants the movie like feeling to a wedding video.

A more traditional style of wedding videography would essentially be a really long documentary edit. There’s no really creative editing or storytelling. I don’t do this traditional style – however along with your creative shorter feature film I can provide a long ceremony and full speeches video in your wedding video packages.

Timeless or Trendy & Cool?

Again, taking from the cinema, I don’t do the current trends just because they are ‘trendy’ or ‘cool’. If it doesn’t fit into my interpretation of the rules of the cinema then I don’t do it! My style always evolves however and it’s not static.

But I’m always careful to ensure your wedding films will be elegant, heartfelt and timeless.

I think some of the current ‘cool’ effects could become cheesy when you watch your film down through the years. I’ve never included a ‘marryoke‘ in my wedding video packages for example so if that’s your style, sorry, but I’m probably not right for you!

How much should I budget for a wedding video.

You will find wedding video packages in Ireland for under €2000. However if you are looking for a well produced film collection delivered in a timely manner with great story, audio and visual I’d recommend budgeting from €2500-€3500 and upwards. The elements of style, audio & visual quality and the film collection important to you are key. Also a concern is delivery time measured in weeks rather than months or even years!

Your expectations and your anticipated budget should go hand in hand.

You will want a wedding film that complements your style and vision so I believe it’s really important to watch an actual real wedding film to see if it is what you envision.

Cinematic Wedding Films tend to be higher budget than Traditional Videos due to the amount of extra editing and the creativity involved in shooting them.

Another consideration is what type of film collection do you require – the more videos you get typically the more hours involved in editing.

My pricing is dependant on many factors and this takes into consideration dates, locations, the hours on location and the film collection you chose to receive. I’d love to hear from you and about the day you are planning. I’ll also send you thorough a sample of a real wedding video to get a better idea of my style.

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