Here’s an example of what a film collection can look like. I generally recommend 12 hours on location but I can include more or less depending on your event. These are the types of films you can look forward to then delivered to you within 8 weeks of your date.

The Trailer Film

This is a beautiful short highlight of your wedding day. It will be no longer than 60 seconds and is ideal for sharing on Instagram.

Preview Wedding Video

A short story led film around 3 mins long that will be ready within a couple of weeks. This will have a real story of the day and will contain natural and spoken audio from the wedding.

Feature Film

This is what I’m most proud of and I know you will be also! It’s around 25 minutes long, but sometimes goes over 30 minutes. It’s fully colour graded and tells an authentic story of your wedding day. All key moments from the vows to the speeches are included. Just enquire about my wedding videography services and I will send you through a sample of a feature that’s relevant to you.

Long Ceremony Video

This is all the personalised elements of your wedding ceremony from arrival at the venue, walking down aisle, the readings, vows in full. It contains all the unique moments and ends with and walking back down the aisle as a married couple.

Speeches or Toasts Film

This is a realtime edit and it is filmed with multiple cameras and multiple audio sources to ensure the highest quality of audio. Running time is the same as the length of your speeches!

Find out more

I’d love to show you some samples of my wedding videography and also please let me know about your event and I will tailor a film collection to your needs.