Dear Bride & Groom,

There has been a massive evolution over the past few years in Wedding Filmmaking.

At the start of my career in Weddings the standard Videographer showed up with one big camera, a big tripod, a tv screen, a big light, and needed a plug socket nearby! The result was then transferred in Standard Definition onto a DVD or two and generally was presented without much editing. This video would typically be hours long and family and friends would sometimes dread the invitation to watch it!

But time has moved on – and for me I’m thankful! I just don’t savour filming, editing or watching the long-form wedding anymore. Now, there are still plenty of people that will record your event for you in that style if that’s what you prefer. And some of these do it to a very high standard also, however it’s not what I would like to offer you.

And if you want to watch the full ceremony or speeches for posterity, I do provide these in realtime documentary edits. But I guarantee the feature is the one you will want to watch.

After attending many workshops and training seminars from industry leading filmmakers I’ve developed my style to something which suits both me and my clients.

I travel light – I have minimised my equipment to be light, quick and reactionary. It allows me to capture the genuine moments of the day as they happen. I use 2-3 small cameras and 4-8 tiny audio recorders discretely placed to keep a light footprint but still make sure that the vital moments are captured accurately. And the place won’t look like a film set!

This has the added benefit of letting me ┬ábe as discreet as possible – I strongly believe that’s it’s best that you can go about your day and enjoy it naturally. My clients often tell me after that the barely knew I was there. This compliment I love to hear!

The best footage is what is seen and develops naturally – I try never to interrupt the natural action or direct you as the day unfolds unless essential. The benefit of filming with light kit and being discreet is that this is easier to capture the way I film.

The other essential development was the advancement of editing software. Now it’s possible to tell the story in a non-linear manner to capture the story of your day. I often weave parts of the day about to keep it interesting.

How often do you watch a wedding film that just runs straight through from morning to dancing in order? There’s no story or structure. You know what’s coming next. With careful editing and techniques borrowed from the movies I love to tell the story of your day in an order that is cohesive to the emotions and story.

I don’t just slap a song on over the visuals either – a good cinematic wedding film essentially relies on great natural & captured audio and a narrative structure to gel everything in a complementary manner.

So essentially to answer the question – I take all these natural moments, captured as discreetly as possible and with careful editing and timeless narrative techniques, and from this I will make you a unique wedding film which is as unique as you. It could be 20 minutes or 40 in length. But it will be the perfect length for your day and will have the emotions and story captured that you, your family, and your friends, will enjoy watching for many years to come.