Very happy to report that I have been accepted as a Qualified member of the Irish Professional Photographer and Videographers Association (IPPVA)! Working with an IPPVA Videographer you can be sure you are working with one of the leading filmmakers in the Country.

Book with Confidence

This provides even extra reassurance that everything that I do for my clients is to the highest standards possible. Any member accepted to the IPPVA must be qualified, submit samples of work, be insured and agree to work under terms that benefit both the you, and me, ensuring that your experience is to the highest standards.

IPPVA members are fully insured and follow a detailed code. Registration & acceptance ensures that you have peace of mind that you are dealing with a professional working to a very high and reliable standard.

The code of ethics of a Qualified Member endeavours to provide customers & clients with a standard of excellence and a customer service of a professional standard.

Training and Support

This is one of my favourite parts! I love completing training courses and workshops, it’s amazing the extra creativity that can be unleashed after a great workshop. Over the past years I’ve been lucky enough to have taken part in training by industry leaders such as Ray Roman, Jeff Wood Visuals, Richard Leng, 31 Films, Werner Hertzog and the Shadows and Light Workshop series.

As a member of the IPPVA Videographer team it’s expected to always strive to deliver the best overall experience to my couples and this training goes a long way towards this aim.

Another great advantage is getting to know attendees on these training courses and workshops is building up a network of other excellent videographers all over Ireland and the UK. This is invaluable for backup & support and also for information on new venues etc. And all from the best of the industry.

Awards & Accountability

It’s expected that in the near future the IPPVA will be organising a national structure to enter films for consideration. This helps wedding filmmakers to always strive to create increasingly better work.

It has the added benefit of potentially creating wedding films not only cherished by the couples I work with but potentially having this work recognised nationally and internationally as being of a very high standard.

Please watch a few of my wedding videos from around Ireland