Wedding video audio capture
Wedding video audio capture

An often overlooked, but crucially important part of recording a wedding video is audio. To get crisp clear audio that will be a joy to listen to is a challenging task but well worth the efforts.
Many videographers simply record the on-board audio picked up at the camera – however you can see from the below sample video that this leaves a lot to be desired.

We always record using wireless audio solutions to ensure a crisp professional soundtrack to your wedding day.

Wireless Lav mics

At Donegal Wedding Video we use a wireless mic on the groom where appropriate – this gives crystal clear audio of the vows. Also a wireless recorder will be used on one of the church speakers, then ambient audio is recorded on another recorder. We blend and sync all this together with the two audio streams from both cameras to ensure you get top quality professional sounding audio.


A wireless mic is then on hand for the speeches – this is connected to the in-house mic where allowed to by the venue. If not allowed then we will use the venues sound system to record your speeches in top quality HD sound.

Recording the band

We record both ambient on-camera sound and also take a wireless stream from one of the band’s speakers to ensure quality sound of your band in your wedding video.

Quality wedding video audio capture

It’s going to be different every time but I believe it is worth the extra effort to try and capture and record the audio from your big day. Wireless audio is included in all our packages to ensure you are getting the best possible soundtrack to your wedding day.

Sample video of Wireless Audio versus Standard on-board Audio

Wireless v Oboard audio from DonegalVideo on Vimeo.


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